How to Safely Buy Real Estate in Thailand

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C condo blocks at Hin Suay Nam Sai near Mae Phim get a fresh look

The six condo blocks stand atop the hillside offering the full floor condo owners some of the best elevated panoramic views of the ocean and surrounding countryside for miles and miles around allowing owners to enjoy observing some remarkable views of the changing weather conditions as they descend upon the landscape including views of both sunrise and sunset from their prestigious prime real estate location and now these condo blocks are getting a new paint job to restore them to as new condition […]

Why affordable overseas holiday home investment property in Thailand is such a great investment

This article explains with practical real life examples why it is far better to invest your money in overseas holiday homes with reasonable vacation let rental income potential than it is to keep your money in the bank barely keeping pace with inflation especially when you consider that you also get the use of a house or condo by the sea for holidays for yourself your friends and your family too saving you money on expensive hotel prices […]

Wealth Warning : Foreigners masquerading as real estate agents

It’s easy to be taken in by helpful strangers masquerading as real estate agents but be careful not to get involved with such people who are working illegally here in Thailand and make sure that you are not manipulated towards their hidden agenda of lining their greedy pockets with backhand commission payments. Read the full article for more info on how to avoid this pitfall. […]

Make your dream holiday or retirement home become a reality - safely!

This is not the first time that we have written short articles regarding the risk of handing money over to unscrupulous ambitious “would be developers”, and I’m certain that it will not be the last, so if you are considering making a purchase of a vacation or retirement holiday home on a new development then please read and heed this short article. […]

Investing in Thailand's latest coastal development hotspot

Despite having so much going for it the Mae Phim area is still not nearly so well known as the more popular tourist destinations, and has been referred to by those relocating here as “Thailand’s best kept secret”, but this is changing gradually as inquisitive visitors discover it’s charm and investment potential. […]

Oceanside real estate in Thailand : What is the advantage of buying a house or beachfront condo for sale on a mature real estate development?

For anyone considering purchasing a seaside holiday home near the ocean overseas Thailand still represents good value for money in comparison to some other more expensive parts of the world where the infrastructure, amenities and health services are no better than the excellent standard offered here in Thailand nowadays, but digging below the glossy surface of widely advertised new developments you can discover houses and condos on mature developments at some amazing value for money prices which make Thailand one of the few places for some bargain real estate properties. […]

Rayong real estate : Making a sound purchase choice on development land

If you have funds which you wish to invest in real estate in Thailand and are considering land with development potential then location location location is the golden rule as to the land’s viability and potential capital growth and whether you choose to “land bank” the land and sell at a later date for a profit or whether you wish to conduct the development of the land then choosing the right plot of land is key to it’s potential capital growth and also to any development project’s success […]

How to Safely Buy Real Estate in Thailand – Rene-Philippe R Dubout

How to Safely Buy Real Estate in Thailand by Rene-Philippe R Dubout is a comprehensive guide to any real estate purchase in Thailand […]

Further 1 month extension for reduced property transfer fees

Further to our last post on this subject in late March, due to the recent problems in Bangkok, the reduced transfer fees which are charged at the land office on transfer of ownership of immovable property have been extended for a further month (until June 28th 2010), providing a further opportunity to save money for those looking to purchase a condo, villa, or holiday home in Thailand. […]

2 month extension for reduced property transfer fees

Reduced transfer fees have been extended until April 28th 2010 providing a further opportunity to save money for those looking to buy a condo or holiday home in Thailand […]

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