How to Safely Buy Real Estate in Thailand

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Sales and rentals property listings for land, commercial and residential properties […]

Why invest in a vacation home in the Mae Phim beach area of Thailand?

The Mae Phim beach and surrounding area has many reasons why it is sure to be Thailands next coastal real estate HOTSPOT and an excellent location for real estate investment in land and vacation home property […]

Thailand’s best kept real estate secret

Real estate in the Laem Mae Phim area near Rayong is increasing in popularity holiday home purchase as new resorts and secure housing estates are being built, and older mature developments comprising beachfront bungalows and oceanfront villas in prime locations along the seashore are now flourishing as people buy up these little gems and refurbish them to a high standard with the money they save on the cost of a new home which helps to restore such developments to their former glory and increase the prices on the estate […]

The New Coastal Highway Proceeds Towards Completion

The Buraphachollathit Road, as it has been named, is the new coastal highway which will span 111km of coastline linking resorts along the Eastern Seaboard, and has been designed with a view to supporting the tourism strategy for the area, to add value to the region, and make it more convenient for visitors to travel between resorts. […]

Improvements at Rock Garden Beach resort and estate

Rock Garden Beach resort and estate continues to improve as the owning company, Baan Rock, put more money into restoring it to its former glory, and as more westerners discover this delightful development and continue to buy up available properties on the estate […]

Luxury Villa Development near Ao Kai, Mae Phim

The building of luxury homes on a small private residence estate in Ao Kai, Mae Phim, Thailand, illustrates that Mae Phim is becoming one of the most desirable areas on the coast within easy reach of Bangkok and the new International Airport […]

Is Thailand a safe place to live?

Is Thailand a safe and secure place to live? is a question which many foreigners might ask when considering whether to retire abroad, but on the whole the consensus is that Thailand is a reasonably safe and secure place to reside, perhaps more so than many western countries. […]