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Rayong Aquarium

Browse through the photowall of pictures above, and look also at the Google Map below to see the location of Rayong Aquarium.

There are many attractions around for those owning real estate in the Rayong area, great beaches, wonderful seafood restaurants, golf courses, scuba diving and snorkeling on coral reefs, etc. But one of the attractions along Thailand’s Golden Coast which can be enjoyed come rain or shine is Rayong Aquarium near Ban Phe.

If you ever wanted to go diving to see the beautiful tropical fish and corals which inhabit the seas in this area of the world, but don’t like the idea of breathing from an air tank several meters below the surface, then public aquariums such as this one at Rayong can offer you a look into the undersea world of the ocean from the safety of being on dry land.

Rayong Aquarium is located on the coast near the town of Ban Phe, from where the ferry departs to the holiday island of Koh Samet. This is not a huge aquarium, but it does have a variety of small and large tropical fish, a variety of shellfish and coral life, and also a variety of turtles which are native to this part of the world.

It’s a great place to take children, and the admission fee is only 20 baht for children, and not much more for adults, so it represents very good value for money.

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Videos from Rayong Aquarium

Shark fins break the water on the surface of the main tank (1:07)

Giant Grouper Fish (0:46)

Giant Grouper Fish, Eagle Rays, Leopard Shark etc, from the main aquarium tank (6:40)

Puffa Fish (1:05)

Blue Spotted Ray (0:42)

Box Fish (1:21)

Toad Fish (1:38)