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Eastern Seaboard

Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard refers to the coastline east of Bangkok, taking in places such as Chonburi, Sri Ratcha, Pattaya, Sattahip, Rayong, Klaeng, Chantaburi, Trat and beyond to the border with Cambodia.

The most well known places to foreign tourists are Pattaya, Jomtien and the Bang Lamung area, and the holiday islands of Koh Samet near Rayong and Koh Chang near Trat.

Koh Chang is Thailand’s second largest island and has seen quite a bit of development already over recent years which has bumped the prices of real estate up considerably.

Koh Samet is a National Park area with white sand beaches and some lovely coral reefs on nearby islands such as Koh Talu. Whilst there are a number of hotels on the island, due to its National Park status it remains a place to visit and not really one to reside. In any case, most people prefer to reside on the mainland where they are not stranded on an island in respect of the ferry times, and where they have excellent connections to nearby towns and cities for shopping, hospitals and other amenities.

The climate for this region is not so hot and humid as the south, and not so chilly overnight in the winter or as baking hot in hot season as inland in the center and north of Thailand.

The rainy season for this region is from May through to about mid October, with the worst of the rains usually in the first and last month as the monsoon moves south to north and then back again. The months from mid October through to mid to late April tend to be sunny and almost completely free from rain, apart from the odd thunder storm, which occur if at all mostly at night. This dry season has its own cold season and hot season. Cold season is the months of November and December when the temperature drops at night to the point where late at night or early in the morning you may actually feel the need to wear a jumper or lightweight jacket, and hot season is in the month of April which in some parts of the country can get very warm indeed, but along the coast of the Eastern Seaboard the onshore breezes have a delightful cooling effect.

Areas along the coast also tend to see less rain than those areas just a few kilometers inland, often just missing out on any passing rain clouds.

Have a play with the map below, try zooming in to familiarize yourself with region, switch from Satellite mode to Terrain mode to get a feel for the topology, and also switch to Map mode for a clearer view of the major highways and the names of the cities and towns.

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Eastern Seaboard

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