How to Safely Buy Real Estate in Thailand

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About Thailand

Map of Thailand

Map of Thailand

Thailand is geographically divided into the following regions…

  • central
  • east
  • north
  • northeast (Isaan)
  • south

Within these regions, Thailand has 3 levels of division : province (jungwat), district (amphur) and town/village district (tambon). In other words, the country is divided into jungwats, which are divided into amphurs, which are divided into tambons, and there are provincial, district and local government offices which have responsibility at each level/area.

There are 75 jungwats and  the city relating to the  jungwat is located in its approximate position on the map opposite.

Those places without a dot next to them, such as Hua Hin and Cha Am, are not jungwats.

Thailand enjoys a tropical climate with sunshine most of the year round, but subject to monsoons which bring some rains in the summer months. It’s always warm and humid in the south, but cool in the winter months inland up in the north, and something in between in the middle.

The Eastern Seaboard of Thailand is the coastline from Bangkok all the way down to the border with Cambodia. This area is dealt with on the next page.