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Koh Talu

Browse through the photowall of pictures above, and look also at the Google Map below to get a feel for the castaway island of Koh Talu.

Koh Talu is a wonderful island to visit, and is only a short journey from the mainland by boat, having both a “castaway island” feel with clean sandy beach and clear water, plus a thriving coral reef, abundant with sea life.

On the east side of the island there’s a charming beach with seated tables to cater for the organized group parties that visit from the holiday island of Koh Samet. As the beach tails away to the south, so the small waves rolling and crashing onto the clean sandy beach backed by rock and tropical vegetation provides a real desert island feel.

At the north of the island, nearest the mainland, there’s a healthy coral reef which is home to an abundance of fish and a variety of corals. The reef is shallow enough in parts for snorkeling over, but drops away to provide an interesting dive site which has good visibility in the winter months.

At the north west point of the island there is a huge arch of rock, beneath which it is possible to swim through to a sheltered area which is home to shoals of thousands of tiny fish.

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