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Laem Mae Phim Beach

Browse through the photowall of pictures above, and look also at the Google Map below to get a feel for the area’s amenities.

The 4km long Laem Mae Phim beach has nice sand, a gently shelving beach, and plenty of room to accommodate all beach users. Whether you want to sit in a shaded deck chair on the sand whilst Thai seafood and drinks are brought to your table, whether you prefer to sit inside one of the many bar / restaurants at the east end of the beach, or whether you prefer the less crowded west end of the beach to lie in the sun and relax or read a book, then Mae Phim beach suits all.

The area is becoming more and more popular each year with tourists and foreign residents who stay for part or the whole of the year, and there are several new and mature housing developments as well as a variety of land plots available within about 10 minutes drive of the beach for those who prefer to construct their own house(s).

SPT Google Map

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View Mae Phim Beach Map in Google Maps

View SPT tourist map (inc. Mae Phim Beach Map) in Google Earth

[ptviewer href=”” imagewidth=”5451″ imageheight=”480″ horizon=”200″ hfov=”360″ width=”640″ height=”480″]
Panorama of Laem Mae Phim beach
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