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Thailand's Golden Coast

Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard refers to the coastline east of Bangkok, taking in places such as Chonburi, Sri Ratcha, Pattaya, Sattahip, Rayong, Klaeng, Chantaburi, Trat and beyond to the border with Cambodia.

Mae Phim beach at sunset

Mae Phim beach at sunset

Whilst Chonburi and Pattaya areas are now well developed, a result of which is that prices for real estate have risen quite dramatically over recent years, the coastline from Sattahip to Klaeng is still relatively undeveloped yet relatively easily commutable from the fast growing city of Bangkok for many Thais who like to travel to these areas at the weekend. Indeed, the unspoiled beauty of the coastline from Rayong to Klaeng in particular, the quality of the beaches coupled with some recent exclusive developments in the area is encouraging people to refer to it as Thailand’s Golden Coast.

Indeed, the area has a great deal to offer, but despite this the foreign tourists have often bypassed it altogether, being led by the tour magazines and holiday brochures and heading straight for the holiday islands of Koh Samet near Rayong and Koh Chang near Trat, and the foreigners who choose to reside or retire in Thailand are initially enticed to those areas with an abundance of expats, which tend to also be the more expensive and lesser value for money coastal areas for real estate.

Of course, this fact hasn’t bothered the Thais very much who have always used this area as one of their favourite seaside holiday locations.

When the foreigners do finally discover “Thailand’s Best Kept Secret”, as those foreigners already living in this area like to call it, a growing number of them decide to relocate to the area because the land and property in the area represent better value for money, and they correctly perceive that there is a great deal more upside potential to be had in their real estate investment.

Mae Phim beach looking towards Koh Samet

Mae Phim beach looking towards Koh Samet

But it’s not just about buying affordable Rayong real estate in the right place at the right time before prices really start to take off and you miss the boat. For many who relocate here it’s factors such as the quality of the beaches, the friendliness of the local Thais, the lack of traffic jams, the tranquility of the countryside and of the resort estates or private dwellings in the area in which they choose to live. And then of course there’s also the area’s convenience and proximity to Bangkok and the new International Airport , the International Bangkok Hospital in Rayong, the many golf courses within easy reach between Rayong and Pattaya, and also the many other attractions which are available in the region.

For you to get a better feel for the area we have a number of pages on this website which provide further information about specific attractions and amenities in the area, as well as information on a number of the mature housing and condo developments in the Rayong real estate area.

We have also put together our own Google Map (see below) which not only illustrates some of our real estate listings in the Rayong area but also provides you with many “placemarks” which locate places of interest. These placemarks are clickable for information and photographs of the location, some photos of which are clickable in order to take you to our online photo albums which provide further photos for you to peruse.

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Eastern Seaboard

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