How to Safely Buy Real Estate in Thailand

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Retiring in Thailand

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Sunrise Property Thailand was established to allow foreigners to more easily find investment land and property and affordable retirement homes in Thailand.

Situated in Mae Phim, the jewel of Thailand’s Golden Coast, and the No.1 up and coming coastal area in Thailand for potential capital growth, Sunrise Property Thailand is well placed to provide it’s customers with a wide range of choice to suit their budget and ambition.

Why does this region of Thailand represent such a good choice?

1. Thailand has a growing population, one that is becoming wealthier, and the demand for land and property, especially that which is by the coast is increasing, and will certainly continue to do so. Much of the wealthier population lives in Bangkok and its suburbs, and the Mae Phim and surrounding area is within easy reach.

2. Foreign investors too are starting to find out about “Thailand’s best kept secret”, as some of the foreigners already in the area are calling it, because once they stumbled upon Mae Phim and Thailand’s Golden Coast they soon realized that they had stumbled upon one of the areas in the world which has tremendous upside for capital growth of their investment.

3. The new international airport is now on the east side of Bangkok and is just under 2 hours away by car, and the heart of Bangkok itself is a little over 2 hours away due to the good road and motorway connections.

4. An increasing number of foreigners look to retire abroad…

  • Somewhere where they can avoid the winter chills and dreary weather in their home country
  • Somewhere near a nice beach and warm ocean in which to take a relaxing swim
  • Somewhere where they don’t need to heat their swimming pool because the warm climate keeps it at a comfortable temperature all year round
  • Somewhere with a low crime rate and a secure residence
  • Somewhere with excellent International Hospitals within easy reach
  • Somewhere where they can afford to buy and run a small boat to explore along the coast and visit local islands to snorkel in the clear waters of the coral reefs
  • Somewhere that the temperature is warm enough to be able to watch the tropical Sun sink into the ocean and still be able to sit outside in their shorts and a tee shirt for the remainder of the evening and enjoy a delicious meal in a restaurant for less money than a standard takeaway in their home country
  • Somewhere that they can easily find and meet relaxed, happy and interesting new friends with whom they can socialize and explore the beautiful countryside and attend the many amazing festivals
  • Somewhere which their grandchildren will think is paradise on Earth and will always want to come and stay with you in your oceanside villa for Christmas or summer holidays
  • And somewhere where in all respects their hard earned money will go so much further, allowing them to live in relative luxury and happiness for once in their lives, compared to what would be the case if they decided not to give themselves a chance to make their dreams come true!

Enjoy your retirement relaxing by the pool with the cooling breeze of the ocean

Enjoy your retirement relaxing by the pool with the cooling breeze of the ocean

Are you ready for a new dawn in your life yet?

If you’re 50 or over then you are just the type of people that Thailand would love to have come and reside in their beautiful country, and the law has been made specifically to make this easy for you to do.

When you come here you are assured of a warm welcome from the extremely friendly local Thai population who are only too keen to see new foreigners move into their area and help boost the local economy.

It’s really much easier than you think to make the move, and once you have, you won’t regret it…. in fact, those people who have moved to this area already are delighted and pleased with themselves as they enjoy settling down in their new homes.

One of the main reasons our business was started was to help people just like you to retire safely and securely in this tropical paradise!

So, if by selling your current home in your home country you will have around 100,000 – 150,000 US dollars to spare*, then we can offer you oceanside and waterside villas on secure resort estates, condominium apartments with panoramic sea views, or many other options to fulfill your dream, and any money that you have spare as a result of the sale of your home, you can either keep safely to pass on to your descendants, or you could choose to invest wisely to get a good return on your investment, or spend as you like to buy that boat that you always wanted, or one of those new large flat screen LCD or Plasma TVs with a Surround Sound Speaker System, or perhaps that nice Harley Davidson motorbike you always wanted but could never afford before, or even a luxury air conditioned car or 4 wheeled drive truck which can be bought in Thailand for only around 25,000 US dollars.

Mae Phim Beach

Mae Phim Beach

* 100,000 – 150,000 US Dollars is approximately….

  67,000 – 100,000 Pounds

  72,000 – 105,000 Euros

  3,500,000 – 5,000,000 Thai baht

Need any more reasons?

Come and take a look now at the beauty that Thailand has to offer you. The freedom and relaxed lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of is just a few clicks away on our website where you can find the new home of your dreams near the ocean along Thailand’s Golden Coast that can still be yours at an affordable price for much less than you would believe!

On our website you can view…

  • Listings of land and properties for sale
  • Information on new and mature secure housing developments in the area
  • Our own Google Map of the region which you can view within our website or open up in Google Maps or in Google Earth and which enables you to see the location of the many attractions in the area which we have diligently and accurately pinpointed onto the map, together with descriptive text and photos for every placemark on the map, all of this being for your benefit so that you are able to get to know the area from afar, and so that you can see the locations of the properties we have for sale and their proximity to these attractions, to the ocean, to local shopping and other amenities, etc
  • The hundreds of photos of the area which we’ve placed in online photo albums for you to peruse, many of which are viewable within our website and also on our Google map

Sunrise Property Thailand can offer its customers…

  • The best internet technology, marketing and promotion of any other real estate agent in the area
  • The most, and the best, online resources to help you make your decision
  • Professional legal advice from expert Foreign and Thai lawyers which will ensure that you secure your purchase to the highest limit allowed under Thai law
  • Extremely fair and competitive commission rates for a high standard of professional service, resulting in…
  • The best value for money service which provides both the buyer and seller with the optimum price for the property from both points of view

All of the above gives us confidence that we will be the agent of choice to hold your hand and guide you throughout the purchasing process towards a happy and satisfied conclusion.