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Oasis Sea World at Laem Sing near Chantaburi

At Oasis Sea World at Laem Sing near Chantaburi you can watch dolphins, penguins and sea lion shows, and also, by pre-booking in advance, have a chance to swim with the dolphins.

Apart from the obvious attractions of the park, the on-site restaurant can cook up some delicious Thai food at very affordable prices, so taking a day trip to this attraction is well worth the visit, especially if you get to swim with the dolphins.

Nearby the park is Laem Sing Beach, which also has a number of inexpensive seafood restaurants, and you can also get a boat trip out to the nearby island and around the picturesque coastline. If you have time you may also wish to take a look at the gem market in Chantaburi town whilst you are in the vicinity.

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