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Wang Chon Chalet Restaurant, River Rafting and Kayaking

Wang Chon Chalet Restaurant, River Rafting and Kayaking near Pong Nam Ron in Chantaburi Province is a delightful spot where you can relax and enjoy some delicious Thai food as well as the beauty of the river and rapids below, or you can really make the most of your day out by getting to grips with nature and enjoying a fun rafting or kayaking trip down the river.

Also, for those who wish to stay overnight there are a few chalets to rent.

If you’re keen enough it may also be possible to have a go at the cable zip wire ride which spans the length of the lake (see map below).

In summary, the setting is delightful, and the food at the restaurant delicious, and a rafting trip down the river will bring you closer to nature than you can get via roads.

To Book for rafting or kayaking :
Tel. 0810 001 314, or 039 317 024, or 039 317 151

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