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Khao Kheow Open Zoo - สวนสัตว์เปิดเขาเขียว

Khao Kheow Open Zoo – สวนสัตว์เปิดเขาเขียว – is a wonderful safari park of around 3,000 Rai (more than 1,000 acres) of land set amongst the hills inland from the coastal area of Sri Ratcha, near Chonburi and Pattaya.

Browse through the photowall of pictures above, and look also at the Google Map below to see the location of the Khao Kheow Open Zoo (สวนสัตว์เปิดเขาเขียว).

The map of Khao Kheow Open Zoo - สวนสัตว์เปิดเขาเขียว - gives you an idea of the layout of the park and the location of some of the animals

The map gives you an idea of the layout of the park and the location of some of the animals

There are many attractions around for those owning real estate in the Rayong area, great beaches, wonderful seafood restaurants, golf courses, scuba diving and snorkeling on coral reefs, etc., and being not so far from Pattaya and Chonburi means that there are many more wonderful places to visit just an hour or so’s journey from home. One of the not to be missed attractions along the Eastern Seaboard is the wonderful Khao Kheow Open Zoo.

Tickets to this wonderful attraction are very reasonable compared to some of the more costly tourist attractions in the Pattaya area, so it’s well worth the trip into the countryside, and the park has several restaurants, shops, ice cream sellers and toilets conveniently situated all along the route.

You can walk or cycle around the park, or take the free tram rides, hire a golf buggy, or drive your own car or motorcycle around the park too, stopping to park at the many car parks along the way.

View of the waterfall inside the amazing hillside aviary

View of the waterfall inside the amazing hillside aviary

For those who wish to have a go, you can take a short trek on elephant back, and there’s also a forest canopy cable zip wire ride which they call “flight of the Gibbon”, not extensive enough to rival Canopy Adventure’s forest canopy cable rides in Rayong though, but OK for a taster if you have the time (it’ll probably take you most of the day to see all of the animals in the park).

Children can enjoy feeding the animals, watching the penguin parade, and there’s also a bird show where the parrots show off their intelligence by riding small bicycles for treats.

The fantastic hillside aviary, an enclosed space of about 5 Rai, is home to over 100 species of exotic birds, and has steps to climb the hillside which lead to a wooden walkway which leads you through the top of the forest canopy, up where the birds roost. A wonderful waterfall descends from just below the man made cave which allows you to walk behind the waterfall, looking down to the pool below.

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