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Canopy Adventure's forest canopy cable rides

Browse through the photowall of pictures above, and look also at the Google Map below to see the location of the Canopy Adventure’s forest canopy cable rides at Thapong, near Rayong, Thailand.

Its OK, you dont have to climb these rungs to the treehouse, these were made to help the locals rig the cables

It's OK, you don't have to climb these rungs to the treehouse, these were made to help the locals rig the cables

There are many attractions around for those owning real estate in the Rayong area, great beaches, wonderful seafood restaurants, golf courses, scuba diving and snorkeling on coral reefs, etc. But one of the not to be missed attractions along Thailand’s Golden Coast for Rayong real estate owners, which is best enjoyed in the absence of thunder storms, is Canopy Adventure’s forest canopy cable rides near Taphong, Rayong.

It took about 9 months of hard, careful work to rig all of the cables and construct the treehouses for this wonderful experience, the longest and most extensive collection of forest canopy cable rides in all of Thailand. Having done some charity work in the forest below the rides in the heat and humidity I can assure you that the task to create this attraction was no small achievement.

But rigging the cables rides and constructing the treehouses also had to be done with minimal damage to the environment, since one of the aims of this attraction is for it to be environmentally friendly in providing an economic reason to preserve the forest whilst also allowing people to enjoy it to it’s full benefit.

I have to say that just standing in a treehouse atop the forest canopy admiring the magnificent views and nature around you is worth the experience alone. But for those who are looking for a little more of a thrill then sliding along the zip wire cables is certainly fun.

For those who wish to support the local economy and environment or for those who just don’t wish to miss out on this wonderful experience, Canopy Adventures can provide transportation with their own minibus for groups, running people from as far away as the Pattaya area on a daily basis.

Once at the location it’s a short ride up the hillside in the back of a pickup truck, or a 10 minute or so walk along the forest path if you prefer, to the hillside base. At the hillside base you are fitted with a harness and a short training exercise is conducted. After that, there’s a 5 minute walk through the forest to the first cable ride.

On reaching the first treehouse tree the instructor will ensure that your harness is securely hooked onto the safety line so that you can climb the stairs in safety to the top of the first treehouse atop the forest canopy. The instructor ensures that you have your harness snugly fitted and they explain the safety precautions for the rides. At all times one is either hooked onto a safety line which is attached to the tree, or one is hooked onto the zip wire cable itself ready for descent, so there’s no risk that you will fall out of the treehouse, even if for some reason you should faint and lose consciousness, which is most unlikely since the large, secure treehouses help to make it a safe and very pleasant experience.

As you make your descent with each successive ride you zip back and forth across the hillside, taking time in between rides to take photos and admire the fabulous panoramic views over the ocean and surrounding countryside. There are some 13 rides in all, totaling over 3km in length, and the final ride is the longest of the bunch, being one of the longest individual rides in Thailand.

View from the bottom of the final cable ride looking back up the hillside from whence you came

View from the bottom of the final cable ride looking back up the hillside from whence you came

Watch Canopy Adventure’s Emmy having fun doing his Tarzan impression (0:43)

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