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Classic Forest (ตํานานป่า)

Browse through the photowall of pictures above, and look also at the Google Map below to see the location of the Classic Forest, Tamnanbah (ตํานานป่า) as it is called in Thai.

There are many attractions around for those owning real estate in the Rayong area, great beaches, wonderful seafood restaurants, golf courses, scuba diving and snorkeling on coral reefs, etc. But one of the attractions along Thailand’s Golden Coast for Rayong real estate owners which can be enjoyed come rain or shine is Classic Forest near Ban Phe.

Classic Forest is a small man made park designed with a rainforest theme, in which there are a number of different restaurant areas. It’s completely free to visit, with the hope that customers partake of some food and drink at one of the restaurants whilst there. Inside the park there are ponds with fish,ducks, gueese and swans to watch and feed, and there are several attractions for children in particular to enjoy, including a man made cave, bridges and stepping stones over the water, and a few caged exotic birds, such as a Toucan.

The restaurant areas themselves have been created mainly in wood, with some exquisite design features, and any concrete which has been used for the supporting pillars is made to give the appearance of a tree trunk so as to blend in with the environment of the rainforest theme. This rainforest theme is prevalent everywhere, and the theme is even extended to the toilets, which are unlike any you will have experienced, blending the natural rainforest look with modern, comfortable fixtures and fittings.

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