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Sales at Rock Garden boosted by the opening of the bridge between Laem Son and Prasere.

Despite heading into low season there’s been a recent surge in interest in properties at Rock Garden Beach as local investors realize the importance of the opening of this final link in the chain of the new scenic coastal route between Mae Phim and Laem Son near Chantaburi.

For many weeks now local people have already been able to cross the new bridge between Laem Son and Prasere south of Klaeng whilst the final touches to the construction were being made, but as of Saturday 3rd May 2014 the bridge is now officially open 24/7.

The new scenic route passes right in front of the entrance to Rock Garden beach, and the increased traffic and ease of access along the coast over the new bridge to other tourist attractions, such as the frigate HTMS Prasere at Prasere, will no doubt increase the interest to this location.

Land prices along the coast in this area have been increasing in anticipation of the advance of the opening of the new bridge, and from the interest in properties at Rock Garden Beach from local investors, the opening of the new bridge is also likely to have a positive effect on the value of all land and properties in the vicinity of the new bridge.

For more information on Rock Garden Beach click on the following link…

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