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Thai Baht Weakens - Better Exchange Rates For Foreigners

When considering the purchase of a holiday home or retirement home abroad, one of the key factors in the equation is the exchange rate, since this can make a considerable difference as to the cost of the property in your home currency. This year the strengthening Thai baht has seen rates of 29 baht to the US Dollar, 44 baht to the UK pound, and 37 baht to the Euro, and obviously this can put people off a purchase unless they consider the property to be a good price anyway, thus compensating somewhat for the poor exchange rate.

The good news for foreign investors is that the baht has weakened over the last month and is now back to more favourable rates, around 32 baht to the US Dollar, 50 baht to the UK pound and 42 baht to the Euro. This movement of the exchange rate should help to stimulate foreign property purchases in the popular coastal regions of Thailand, and with a number of bargain priced properties still available in the 5 – 20 million baht price bracket perhaps now is the time to think about investing and or making that move to retire in tropical paradise.

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