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Rock Garden Beach near Mae Phim plans new condominium development

It has now been confirmed to us by the management at the ocean side Rock Garden Beach development that plans for a new condo development on the site are under consideration. At this point in time plans are being made for the location and design of the new condo blocks, and it is intended that these plans will be submitted with a view to commencing construction at the start of 2014 with the first condo block being completed in late 2014/early 2015. In conjunction with the new condo development it is likely that there will be several on site improvements to the common facilities.

Rock Garden Beach is renowned for its large rock shapes and beautiful ocean side tropical gardens with a variety of tropical palms and a maze of paths for residents and holidaymakers to enjoy. The new condo blocks will be sited nearby to the existing clubhouse and reception building and allowing the majority of the beautiful ocean side park area to remain. With the prospect of magnificent panoramic views over the beautiful tropical gardens and lake, landscaped swimming pool, private beach and ocean beyond out towards the Koh Man islands, the new condo units should have some of the most delightful panoramic ocean views in the area.

This news is likely to further increase the demand for houses on the existing estate and this in turn is likely to push up prices, making a purchase on the estate right now an excellent investment opportunity. The map below shows properties which have been sold already (red pushpin) and those still for sale (yellow pushpin). Pink pushpins illustrate houses for available for vacation rental.

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We not only have a number of properties still left for sale on the existing estate, but are also involved in meetings in respect of the new condo development, so anyone interested in purchasing a house on the existing estate or having first choice for the purchase of a new condo unit may contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to meet your needs.

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