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New Mini Tesco in Kram Serves Mae Phim Area

As the Mae Phim area near Klaeng, Rayong, Thailand continues to thrive as one of Thailand’s real estate hotspots, so does the local shopping town of Bahn Kram, which now has it’s own little Tesco Express store right in the center near the Sunthonphu Roundabout and Sunthonphu Memorial Park.

The new store is convenient for those who live in the area, such as those people staying on the resort estate of Rock Garden Beach on the coast just a couple of kilometers down the road from the new Tesco store.

The new mini Tesco store in Kram has a limited range of products, but larger Tesco stores can be found in Ban Phe, Klaeng and Rayong, and Bahn Kram also has the Patana Store which already stocks a wide range of food and household products and is popular with everyone in the area and offers good value for money.

Last year Patana also opened a furniture store in Bahn Kram too, offering very good value for money on furniture and household goods and appliances, with a free delivery service too, so there’s no need to drive to Klaeng or Rayong and pay extra for delivery when you can buy locally with free delivery and at the same time benefit the local community.

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