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Bangkok Flooding - Evacuate to Mae Phim

As the waters rise in Bangkok, and the city grinds to a halt and maroons people in their houses and condo blocks, so many people are considering escaping the problems by leaving the city for a week or so until things get back to normal.

Here in Mae Phim, Rayong province, we are so close to the ocean that it’s impossible for the land to flood since it just drains into the sea nearby, and the sunny climate and dry land means that an increasing number of people are filling the hotels and renting any and all available holiday rental properties for accommodation of their families. We can still help people to find short term houses and apartments to rent in the area. So if you’re looking to rent a house or apartment near the ocean on a resort estate with communal swimming pool etc, then give us a call on 083 117 9096 (English) or 083 119 9967 (Thai).

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