How to Safely Buy Real Estate in Thailand

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Bargain Holiday and Retirement Homes Overseas

Many people dream of affording a holiday seaside villa or retirement home abroad near the ocean, but nowadays with the increasing cost of land near the ocean and increasing coastal real estate prices many homes overseas for sale near the sea are beyond the budget of the average person, or require the use of a substantial amount of your savings to realize your ambition. But don’t despair because we have some genuine bargain real estate and can offer you houses and condos along Thailand’s Golden Coast in Rayong which will allow you to realize your dream for an affordable price, leaving you funds enough to enjoy your holidays and retirement in style and comfort.

Oceanside swimming pool at Rock Garden Beach

Oceanside Swimming Pools

Buy this 3 bedroom 3 bathroom house for only 2.15 million baht

2.15M baht

For example, this 3 bedroom 3 bathroom house on an oceanside development with the use of 2 fabulous ocean side communal swimming pools and other resort facilities will allow you to enjoy sea breezes sipping cool drinks in a relaxing pool by the ocean for just 2.15 million baht (just under 45,000 pounds / 50,000 Euros / 72,000 US dollars).

We have other properties for sale too, starting from just 1.5 million baht for a 2 bedroom house in need of a little repair and refurbishment, to a splendid 3 bedroomed oceanside residence for 12.8 million baht. Condo units vary in price depending upon size, location and views, etc, but to live comfortably with space enough for entertaining guests and accommodating friends and family we recommend looking at units or 100 square meters or more.

Buy this spacious 4 bedroom 4 bathroom condo for only 5.25 million baht

5.25M baht

For example, we have this spacious 209 square meter 4 bedroom 4 bathroom condo with far reaching ocean views along the coast towards Mae Phim beach for sale for only 5.25 million baht – that’s just 25,120 baht per square meter – half the price of other oceanside condos with such delightful views. Not only that, but the condo resides on a resort estate with the use of 3 swimming pools, tennis courts, badminton court, squash courts, gym, pool and snooker tables, and fabulous hillside restaurant with panoramic views of the ocean.

It’s difficult to see how such amazing value for money can last when compared to other coastal regions of Thailand, and understandably it’s likely that prices will increase now that the new international airport is just 1 hour 45 minutes away and the area grows in popularity with wealthy Bangkok residents looking for holiday homes in the area. So, if you’re looking for an affordable holiday villa, seaside house or condo with ocean views then Thailand’s up and coming Golden Coast has a limited selection of bargain investment property which you should consider before opting for any other overpriced solution.

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