How to Safely Buy Real Estate in Thailand

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Thai Baht Weakens - Better Exchange Rates For Foreigners

Weakening Thai baht provides more favourable exchange rates for foreigners which may help to stimulate the property market in the coastal regions which are popular with foreigners. […]

Demand for the much sought after Mae Phim area near Rayong Thailand increasing year on year

Mae Phim beach is the jewel in the heart of Thailand’s Golden Coast from Rayong to Klaeng, long renowned for it’s fine sandy beach, the finest mainland beach along the entire Eastern Seaboard of Thailand, and also for it’s delicious Thai sea food restaurants, but as more and more foreigners discover this largely unspoilt tropical paradise, so the price of land near the ocean has trebled inside of the last four years, and is set to continue until it reaches prices similar to those of the better known tourist destinations for a number of well justified reasons. […]

Retirement abroad in Thailand : Comparison of cost of living UK 2011

Downsizing your home in the UK and releasing capital which will allow you to afford the same or better luxury home overseas in Thailand, with maintenance costs that are a fraction of those needed to sustain a family sized home in the UK, is a real option which is open to many people who are at present struggling to enjoy their life in the UK due to the high cost of living there […]

Further 1 month extension for reduced property transfer fees

Further to our last post on this subject in late March, due to the recent problems in Bangkok, the reduced transfer fees which are charged at the land office on transfer of ownership of immovable property have been extended for a further month (until June 28th 2010), providing a further opportunity to save money for those looking to purchase a condo, villa, or holiday home in Thailand. […]

Thailand getting back to business as usual

Now that the troubles have died down the enquiries for property in this area of Thailand appear to be picking up once more, an indication that this area will, as before, continue to buck the trend in respect of the world economic climate and continue to be a growth area where property investments have good upside potential and very little downside risk, offering potential investors a good opportunity for profit from their investment in the short to medium term, something which is not so easy to come by in other parts of Thailand or indeed the world. […]

Destruction and acts of terror in Bangkok

The public protests get out of hand in Bangkok as the deliberate destruction and acts of terrorism are shown on TV around the world serving to scare off tourists and do lingering damage to the Thai economy. […]

Making the most of the British Pound

Timing the point when you exchange money on the foreign exchange market can make a huge difference to the buying power which you will have in the local currency when considering foreign investment in a property purchase abroad […]

Is Thailand a risky place to invest in property at the moment?

Is Thailand a risky place to invest in property at the moment? Whilst there has been some political instability of late, for example the temporary closing of the new International Airport in 2008, this tends to get blown out of proportion by the foreign TV and press whose primary aim is to increase viewing statistics and sell papers. […]